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Avalon Astoria

Avalon Astoria

Named for the historic Northwest port city at the mouth of the mighty Columbia River, the Astoria! is the ultimate culmination of beauty and advanced pellet heating technology. The Astoria is designed as an efficient home heater. The feed rate can be adjusted between 1.7 to 5.5 lbs. of fuel per hour, providing up to 2,250 square feet of home heating . With a huge 115 pound capacity pellet hopper, you can expect up to 68 hours (at 1.7 lbs. per hour) of continuous heat without refueling. Even better, utilize the standard wall thermostat and experience burn times that can last even longer. The Astoria will actually shut off, not cycle to low when your home has reached the desired temperature, saving you even more in heating cost. The Astoria pellet stove is engineered with quality throughout for excellent daily performance and long-life reliability

The Astoria is designed for ease of maintenance and service and is backed by our seven year warranty. The Astoria is designed as a beautiful piece of furniture with a variety of gold or nickel options to enhance your decor. Not only is the Astoria beautiful, it is also the quietest pellet stove in the world. You will find the Astoria pellet stove to be the easiest to operate and maintain, making your experience heating with wood pellets truly enjoyable.

The Astoria Pellet Stove comes standard with wall thermostat, black door, black convection grill and black top trivet.  Also available is an optional 24 karat gold or brushed nickel finish door and grill.

Astoria is now approved to burn 50/50 mix of wood pellets and corn.



Heating Capacity 800 to 2,250 Sq. Feet
Steady State Efficiency UP to 82%
Glass Size 252
Venting 4″ L Vent
Maximum Burn Time Low: 68, High: 21 Hours
Hopper Capacity 115 Pounds
BTU Range 13,940 to 45,100 BTU’s / Hour
Burn Rate 1.7 to 5.5 Pounds Per Hour