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Premier Berkley Cabinet Fireplace Mantle

Premier Berkley Cabinet Fireplace Mantle

The Berkley Cabinet in Oak with Red Mahogany shown with optional side bookcases.

The Premier Mantle Cabinet Line offers this unique designs in a variety of wood types and finish options.  Available as a cabinet or corner. Accessory options such as bookcase/TV tops and raised hearths are available for this design.  Side bookcase options are also available.

Uniquely designed cabinets with adjustable openings, the Premier Cabinet Line features openings that are adjustable in both width and height.  You simply match up the size range of your firebox with the proper Premier Cabinet model number.

Home owners and builders all over America consider Premier Mantles, Inc. to be America’s best mantel value. Completely hand crafted by one experienced woodworker from start to finish, a fireplace mantel from Premier Mantles is the perfect focal point for your home.

Design range from simple to ornate – something for every decor.

Custom sizing available.