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Avalon Camano

Avalon Camano

The Camanoâ„¢ freestanding wood stove by Avalon features sleek, clean lines for a unique and timeless presentation of fire that lends itself to a wide range of architectural styles. The design features gentle radius-edges throughout which accentuates versatile design. A single cast iron door further accentuates the clean design.

The Camano features a 1.6 cubic foot firebox that takes an 18” log and has a 6” flue opening. The Camano’s (named after a beautiful Island in the Pacific Northwest’s, San Juan Islands) clean, fluid lines is designed to compliment any design interior. This unit will heat up to 1,400 square feet, utilizing both radiant and 5 sided convection heat. The unit has the option of the Avalon standard rear fan.


Heating Capacity 750 to 1,400 Sq. Feet
Steady State Efficiency 75+%
Weight 300 Lbs.
Heat Output 66800 BTU’s / Hour
Maximum Burn Time 8 Hours
Firebox Size 1.6 Cubic Feet
Maximum Log Size 18 “
Emissions 4.4 Grams Per Hour
Construction 5/16″ to 3/16″ Steel Plate