Wood Fireplaces

With the efficiency of a wood burning stove, a prefabricated wood fireplace can add the charm and beauty your room is looking for. Wood burning zero clearance or prefabricated fireplaces can be added to a new addition, new home, or a remodel of an existing room in your house. Ahren-Fire wood fireplaces are a complete restoration fireplace system that uses your current low efficiency or “not-up-to-code” wood burning fireplace and turns it into a more efficient fireplace with current safety codes in mind.

Not sure where to start when planning for your dream fireplace? Our knowledgeable staff is located right here in York, Pennsylvania and we’re ready to help give your room and fireplace a complete look from start to finish.



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Manufacturers are continuously updating their product lines to bring you the most efficient and safest home heating systems for your family. We can provide you with any product currently available on the manufacturers web site. Please use the link below to see their latest products.

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