Wood Stoves & Inserts

Wood stoves provide warmth and comfort during the heating season. They can keep you and your family warm if you lose electricity or use it as a supplement to your current heating system, often saving you money over traditional heating options. Our wood stoves can typically be installed in any room and if your home does not already have a chimney, a prefabricated chimney can also be installed.

Alternative Heat Sources

Looking to upgrade your inefficient wood burning fireplace to one that provides you with more heat, while still enjoying a wood fire? Then a wood insert might be the item you are looking for. These units get fitted to your current drafty fireplace and have the efficiency of a wood burning freestanding stove. That means more heat coming from your fireplace. You’re able to control the draft and burn rate with the air flow lever on these


Wood Stoves



Wood Inserts



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Manufacturers are continuously updating their product lines to bring you the most efficient and safest home heating systems for your family. We can provide you with any product currently available on the manufacturers web site. Please use the links below to see their latest products.

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