Chimney and fireplace restoration require not only knowledge of residential building codes, but the practical skills and experience of having done such work. As well as the understanding of how fireplaces and chimneys function and interact with pressure zones and turbulence inside and outside of the dwellings. Contact us to determine your restoration needs.

Stainless Steel Liners

Appliances burn a variety of fuels, it is important to utilize the proper alloy, size of liner and insulation to a given situation. We are able to determine what is best for your unique situation. Read more about our chimney liners.

Ahren-Fire Refractory Fireplaces

New construction or renovation, the Ahren-Fire precast modular masonry units, state of the art stainless steel components and insulated lining system makes your fireplace a true heat source.

Many masonry fireplaces spill smoke and provide very little heat. With the installation of an Ahren-Fire the entire fireplace and chimney can be brought up to code, increase efficiency and add heat output dramatically.