Gas Stoves & Inserts

Gas and propane stoves provide you with warmth and comfort during the heating season, all with the convenience of a remote-controlled gas fire. Used to mostly heat the room in which it is installed, gas stoves are an attractive and mess-free option to a wood stove. Don’t have a chimney? Not a problem with a freestanding gas stove. These can be vented to an outside wall.

Efficient Fireplace Options

Looking to upgrade your current fireplace? Don’t like the mess of hauling in wood to burn? Fitted to fit your current fireplace, a direct vent gas insert can be installed and controlled via remote control to give you the same warmth as a gas stove, but more efficient than your drafty wood burning fireplace.

Just looking for some ambiance but don’t need a lot of heat for your room? A set of vented gas logs can add the style you are looking for.


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Manufacturers are continuously updating their product lines to bring you the most efficient and safest home heating systems for your family. We can provide you with any product currently available on the manufacturers web site. Please use the links below to see their latest products.

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