Are you ready for fireplace season?

Mendota Gas Insert

Temperatures here in central Pennsylvania have been getting cooler, especially at night. Is your fireplace or stove ready for the heating season? Below is a quick start guide we have put together.

Wood-burning fireplaces, stove, and inserts:
We recommend every 1 to 2 cords of wood that you burn to have your fireplace swept. Never had your wood burning product swept before? Our first visit to your house would include a sweep and level 2 inspection via video camera – we want to make sure your wood burning product is in good working condition and ready to burn for the season. The level 2 inspection will let you know if there are any issues that need to be addressed.

Check the firebrick and gaskets for wear and tear in your wood stoves and inserts. Peak performance is key!

Gas fireplaces, stoves, and inserts:
Turn on the appliance and make sure it is functioning properly. Check the batteries in both remote AND receiver (if this applies to your product). Go through each function and make sure each is functioning as it should. We offer a gas maintenance service on the products you have purchased from us. We want to ensure that the gas products is functioning and looking as beautiful as the day you bought it.

Pellet stoves and inserts:
Turn on the appliance and make sure it is functioning properly. Problems? Be sure to note any lights that are on/off and if they are flashing or if fans are running. This information helps us better diagnose the issue before a technician arrives. We suggest every 2 tons of pellets used to have us perform a “2 ton service.” This will identify any gaskets inside the stove that need to be replaced to help keep your pellet stove in the best working condition.

Keep in mind now is the busiest time of year for most chimney sweeps. Don’t delay checking these over and making a call to us if you need to!

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Mendota Gas Insert

Mendota Gas Insert