Warning Signs of Contractor Scams

Unfortunately, chimney repair is one of the most common contractor scams to be on the lookout for. Other common contractor scams include roof repair, driveway sealing, furnace repair, and storm-chasers offering to fix damage after a storm.

While there are many “red flags” or warning signs, be especially aware of:

Warning Signs of Contractor Scams

  • “Contractors or Companies” that go door to door looking for business without credentials
    These people just “happen to be in the neighborhood” and are looking to sell you a product or service at a good rate.
  • Accepts only cash or large deposits
    Check your state laws about what contractors can ask for.
  • Bid comes in far below others
    It’s good practice to get a few quotes from different companies.
  • Cannot provide references or referrals
    Look at company reviews and realistic time lines companies are promising. When looking at reviews, search public ones listed on places such as Google, Yelp, or Angi.
  • Cannot provide a license or insurance proof
    Contractors and Companies should be able to provide you with a copy of insurance and their bushiness license number upon request.


How to find a reputable contractor?


Be sure to check with your local trade organizations for leads on a reputable company. You might try asking your friends and neighbors for recommendations. Find a contractor who is specialized in the work you need completed.

Visual clues of contractor scams

This photo is a recent example of 1 of 2 chimneys that were incorrectly lined. The customer had a “company” come to their door offering to line both fireplace chimneys in just a few short hours. Unfortunately, this “company” relied on the home owner’s lack of knowledge and their trust in someone offering a service. What this photo shows is a improper liner, sized too small for the fireplace, and not properly installed in a fireplace with gas logs. These were found during a Level 2 inspection of the chimneys by our company. A liner should be sized to the appliance that is using that chimney flue.

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