Biomass Stove Tax Credit

Tax Credit Extended

The industry received word in late December 2019, that the biomass stove tax credit was extended for qualifying purchases made before December 31,2020. That’s great news for you as a homeowner. You can claim $300 on a qualifying purchase of a wood or pellet stove from us, as well as up to $200 on another product before maxing out on the lifetime limit of $500.


What is the Biomass Stove Tax Credit?

The U.S. federal government offers a tax credit to tax-paying homeowners who purchase a wood or pellet stove that is at least 75% efficient.


How to claim it?

You must complete an eligible purchase by December 31, 2020. Make sure to save your receipts and the manufacturer’s certificate. When you file your taxes, make sure to claim the credit.


What products qualify?

Any biomass appliance (wood fueled) that meets or exceeds an energy efficiency of 75% qualifies.


Find out more on HPBA’s website. This organization has worked in Washington, D.C to maintain this tax credit.