Introducing the Shop Dogs

Hemi and Lilith with Stove

Let us introduce you to….Hemi and Lilith, the official shop dogs of The Village Fireplace and Stove Center.


Hemi, a brown and white pit bull, is about 3 years old. He will greet just about everyone at the door when they walk in, with very loud barking- just his way of saying hello! He is typically behind the counter so don’t be afraid to walk in even if you hear him. 

He enjoys laying in front of any fireplace or stove we have on (wood, gas, pellet…does not matter to him) and falling asleep. Toys don’t stand a chance with him, he might be a world class winner of a super chewer. Once he settles down a bit, he enjoys all the attention you can give him.


Lilith, a white and tan pit bull, possibly whippet mix, is just coming up on a year old. She will greet you with all sorts of tippy taps up on her hind legs and kisses.

She enjoys chewing….wood from the wood pile, computer mice, pens, dog toys, and anything else you leave out that she can get to. She is quite the sneaky pup! Shower her with attention and you will get that back times 10.