What are Gas Logs?

What are Gas Logs?

Gas logs are a stack of ceramic logs that sit inside your existing fireplace. They are used mainly for aesthetics as they don’t emit as much heat as a traditional wood fire. Gas logs come vented or vent-free. Vented gas logs vent up your existing chimney and site inside your existing fireplace.

What Gas Logs do you carry?

We do not carry any ventless gas logs.
We carry a variety of vented gas logs in our showroom located at 1439 South George Street in York, PA. We currently carry brands such as Eiklor Flames.

Eiklor Gas Logs

Why should I get Gas Logs?

Gas logs are a great addition to your fireplace. Whether you have a fireplace you often use or one you seldom use, gas logs can be a beneficial addition to your fireplace. Vents gas logs are aesthetically realistic and take the place of a traditional fire. They create a homey feel without the mess and hassle of building your own fire. Gas logs bring to life your vision of a fireplace.